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SoulTranSync offers you a simple and practical approach for exploring your inner path to joy, prosperity and peace.

As a leading provider of meditation techniques, products and workshops, SoulTranSync amplifies the effectiveness of the life-healing Ho’oponopono mantra with binaural beats technology.


This combination accelerates the effectiveness of deep meditation to enhance your personal development, mindfulness, and peak performance.

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Experience the healing power of Ho’oponopono combined with advanced binaural/isochronic beats technology and proven meditation practices for a unique SoulTranSync inspired journey to higher consciousness.

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I’m Edward Miller, Founder of SoulTranSync


I have long been fascinated by the the ancient practices of meditation and the concept of non-duality. So far have I explored these, that they have created the cornerstones for my success as a life coach.


But it wasn’t until I discovered the healing powers of Hawaiian forgiveness practice of Ho’oponopono that my potential to transcend and transform my own life was able to be truly realized.


Today I am passionate about teaching SoulTranSync, my own methodology for amplifying the Ho’oponopono practice with binaural beats technology, and enhancing the life-altering benefits that are within reach through this work.


I invite you to delve deeper, kindle the embers of your own imagination of what’s possible, and allow enlightenment to begin to flood your mind.

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