A New Year, A New You: Resetting Your Spiritual Focus

The New Year represents not only a new start to our lives, but a chance to leave behind all the old decisions and chaos of the past. Every TV show and radio station begs us to join a gym to shed those pesky holiday pounds, but what about our spiritual life? How can we nurture our inner life on a day-to-day basis? I’ve talked to many people who feel parched for change and new beginnings. How can we create a new start?


Whether you find peace and quiet through a healing nature walk or journaling, getting in touch with your feelings and thoughts can allow you to luxuriate in the gift of just being. Take time out. Turn off the cell phone, computer, or tv. Let silence breathe through you. In silence, you will experience the calm you seek.


Once you’ve turned off the electronics, find a quiet corner in which to sit. Wear loose fitting clothing and sit comfortably. Now sit and breathe. Empty your mind and only focus on your breath, sitting with whatever feelings arise. Meditation is not only the art of breathing and relaxation, but it is also a way to create space and grow more fully into yourself.


You’ve heard the saying Ask and You Shall Receive? The universe listens to us…always. Silence that we create is the first step to getting rid of internalized messages about insecurities and fears. Silence helps us create a new belief system founded on inspiration, imagination, and adventure, and perhaps most importantly, silence is one of the ways we can talk to the universe. What do you long for? Inner peace? A more creative life? Happier relationships? That all starts with you. It takes practice to listen to the silence within, but once you begin, and gently learn how to communicate with the universe, you’ll be amazed by the creative potential that springs from the quiet.


Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (We can also change that to “Do one thing every day that scares and inspires you.”) What makes your mind soar? Is there a book that you yearn to write? A trip you’ve imagined for years? A business that might be successful if only you begin? Do it. Commit to your life and take responsibility for it. Dare to start anew.

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