Ancient Ho’oponopono Principles

The main Ho’oponopono principles of the ancient Hawaiian technique can transform us from an overload of what Ho’oponopono calls data to releasing us from our imagined limitations. Our mind creates our limits and our issues, all of our blame and irritation. Through Ho’oponopono, we can begin to drop the way we’ve always thought about things.


The four sayings associated with Ho’oponono are: I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I’m Sorry, and Thank You. Those are also huge emotional touchstones of human communication: we’re either expressing love, asking to be forgiven, declaring our sorrow at hurting someone we love, or showing gratitude. Think about how often these sentences bind together important states of being? From bliss to repentance to gratitude, all of life is encapsulated in those sayings. And part of that is to feel those feelings toward yourself first and then letting it become part of your interaction with the world.


There is connection in everything we do and in every breath. I believe that part of Ho’oponopono is witnessing the divine connection inside yourself. Can you challenge yourself to witness your ability to simply be, to achieve, to release yourself from preconceived notions?


An ancient Hawaiian prayer begins with the line I come forth from the void into light (Pua mai au mai ka pi iloko o ka malamalama) and it continues through several lines including my personal favorite I draw my bow of rainbows across the waters (Ka a’e au i ku’u pi’o o na anuenue mawaho a’e o na kai a pau), and ending with a simple, powerful declarative statement: I am the “I” (Owau no ka “I”).  To me, this shows our ultimate power: we’re lightbringers for ourselves and others, we’re able to travel across rainbow filled water, and finally, we are the “I” – the point of responsibility and inspiration.


Through the ancient technique of Ho’oponopono, we can learn to take total responsibility for everything that we experience in the world. Through this way of thinking, the world is part of us, and issues that come up are surfacing due to our own internal working – or what Ho’oponopono calls data. As Ho’oponopono leader Dr. Hew Len jokingly noticed, he was there every time there was a problem. Therefore, through Ho’oponopono, we can get rid of old memories and thought patterns that are holding us back, allowing for us to erase all the loud data and leave us with clarity.

Photo by AlicePopkorn

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