Anxiety and Binaural Beats

Coping with anxiety can be such a constant battle. Not only is it difficult to deal with, but it is exhausting just thinking about it. Taking steps to alleviate stress is one thing, but the reality is that anxiety is truly a part of life. Either you find a way to deal with it in a healthy manner or you possibly allow it to consume your life. There are several methods to help handle anxiety. In my experience different coping methods will work for different people and I am not sure that one method is really better than the other. It is simply a matter of figuring out what works for you.

After feeling like I had been tested by the universe one too many times, I knew I needed to try something new to help me deal with the anxiety I was feeling all too often. Meditation and deep breathing have been helpful for me in the past but they were never a sure fix for me. Having tried a popular audiowave entrainment audio several years ago for meditation, I remembered that it could also be helpful for anxiety.

I started exploring other options such as binaural beats and later isochronic tones. I quickly found a single anxiety binaural beats download that sounded worth trying. To this day it is the first thing I go for when I am feeling extreme anxiety. Within 30 minutes of listening to this audio track I am calm, my heart rate slows down and the tension lifts from my body and my head (I have a tendency towards tension headaches).

As a result of my experience, I am a big fan of audiowave audios, although I realize they are not for everyone. However, anxiety can be so unhealthy, and if you suffer from severe stress then it is important to find some tools to help you deal with it and carry on with your life in a positive way. Binaural beats and isochronic tones have worked very well for me and I would highly suggest trying them out.

The results that I was getting from binaural meditations inspired me to create the SoulTranSync series of meditations. My original version of STS was homemade and very crude. Not until I met an audio engineer with extensive experience in binaural meditation did I realize that I might be on to something, that embedding the power of the Ho’opnopono into binaural meditation was a perfect marriage of technology and spirituality.

However if binaurnal beats are not your thing then search for other methods of dealing with anxiety. Living with anxiety is no fun and if there is one thing I have learned it is that we all need a little extra help now and then.

Photo by Sam Dawdler

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