Awaken To Forgiveness And The Present With Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is, in large part, about being awake and alive to forgiveness in the present moment. Through the four main concepts of Ho’oponopono we are able to be present through forgiveness and love – of others and ourselves. We’re able to give to ourselves with one hand and give to those around us with the other. Through continued practice of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian meditation technique, we can cut through the static of the past and learn to appreciate the present.


A man accidentally runs into an old friend at a park. He hasn’t seen him in years, but he is caught in the grudges and anger of the past. He’d like to connect with his dear friend, but he’s not sure how to be present and open his heart. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Not one single person on earth can claim that he or she has never experienced jealousy or anger. Everyone has held a grudge at one time or another, dangerous emotional blocks that prevent us from clearly seeing the goodness in another person and from seeing the kindness that we have within. What would it be like to live with more forgiveness and fewer grudges? Through Ho’oponopono, we can focus on forgiveness and connect with our hearts. By connecting with our hearts and our true intentions, we can awaken to the magic of living for now.


What if the man who met his old friend had been able to speak honestly? To feel his old feelings of love for his friend? A new start could then be possible for both of them. By living in the present and focusing on the now, we can focus on what we would like to create right this moment and in the future, without feeling limited by our past.

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