Awareness, Achieving Higher Consciousness

Awareness sounds like a pretty easy thing. When we wake up, we’re aware of what’s happening in our life, right? Being aware is more than just being awake though. Awareness is the ability to change your way of thinking. It’s the beginning of successful meditation. To receive all the benefits from meditation, you have to clear your mind and incorporate awareness of conscious. What does that mean? Let’s take a look at how to really hone in on the principle of awareness.


Our consciousness is always present—it’s not necessarily something that has to be reached. We are all born with this consciousness, but we can do more to tap into, or access, this consciousness in a way that most people don’t. There are some exercises you can do to figure out how to achieve this awareness. For starters, sit still and observe your body as it is. Feel your heartbeat, feel your breath come in and out of your body, and observe your mind’s reactions to the slight movement of your body. Awareness is more than just acknowledging your body, though. It’s finding your actual consciousness buried within your senses.


Try the exercise sitting still and listening to your senses. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Let your senses take over and try to become aware of your mind and consciousness. Now try to go beyond your normal thoughts. Awareness is beyond consciousness. If you do it effectively, you’ll be able to place your mind in a state of inner reflection and heightened sensory abilities. If you want to maximize your meditation practices, take a moment to clear your thoughts and become aware of your conscious mind. You will soon become amazed at how easy it is to center your thoughts on your inner consciousness and heighten your sensory awareness.

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