Begin to Know Your Unconscious Mind

Set apart some time every day for the sole purpose of communicating with your Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds.  Preferably, a half-hour; however, if that is too long then start with 10 minutes per day, then increase to 20 minutes, and continue increasing the time until you are comfortable with a half-hour.

If you do this on a regular basis, you will find that it won’t be long before you will be comfortable sitting quiet for an hour or more.  Please though, do your self a huge favor and set aside at least 10 minutes – that is not too much to ask for a happier life now, is it?  It is important that it is quiet – turn off all electronic devices, no TV or music in the background, no cell phone, unplug the house phone, do what you can to ensure complete quiet for the allotted time.

Now, take a couple of deep breaths and relax.  Then tell your Unconscious Mind, in a low voice, that you would like to get to know it better. For example, “Hello my Unconscious Mind, I would really like to get to know you better.” Begin by asking it to remember fond times from your childhood.  For example, “Please help me remember some fond times from my childhood.”  Then just sit quietly and notice any memories and feelings that come up.


Do not judge or analyze anything that comes to you; simply recognize and acknowledge it.  In the beginning, your ego, your Conscious Mind, will likely try to object to you doing this – you may get the thought, “This is ridiculous, why am I talking to myself?”  Just let that go and reaffirm to your Unconscious Mind that this is important to you and it won’t be long before you discover how much valuable information is freely available to you, if you but learn to listen.  Keep practicing this until it becomes second nature.  When it become easy for you, then, before you make any important decisions, stop and quietly consult your Unconscious Mind for help and advice.

Once you learn to do this, you will realize that your Unconscious Mind will never steer you in a wrong direction.  It won’t be long and you will have a new best friend – YOU! A word of caution here, sometimes the Conscious (Ego) Mind will try to dissuade you from listening to the Unconscious Mind so in the beginning, do not make major decisions until you learn to know the difference between the voices of your ego and your unconscious.  The more you practice the meditation, the more confidence you will gain until the difference between your Unconscious and your Conscious-Ego minds are crystal clear.

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