Being Present In Love

What is Valentine’s Day, really? While it may seem like a terribly commercial holiday that is all about greeting card cupids and drug store chocolate, Valentine’s Day can really sharpen our focus about love: what we need, what we want, and how we want to become more present. From a special day spent with a lover to a wonderful time spent with family, being present and in the moment can have a great impact on all kinds of relationships, not merely romantic ones.


Our lives our busy. There’s no getting around that. Between our careers, family, school, and, of course, the ever-present technology that surrounds us, we may feel that there’s seldom if ever a change to catch a break and a breather. But taking a moment to appreciate love in your life is so important. It brings joy and presence to your life. Try it – turn off all the cell phones. Log off of social networking sites for an entire day. Notice how much time you seem to have! What would you like to do with that time?


Through the ancient technique of Ho’oponopono, we repeat four key sayings: I Forgive You, I Love You,  I’m Sorry, and Please Forgive Me. We don’t think its any accident that those four statements will pave the way to a successful relationship with another person, as well as a good relationship with yourself! Being present happens as a result of speaking these words to yourself – and a huge part of Ho’oponopono is focusing on the absolute present in order to get out of the patterns of the past. That goes for relationships too, because you’ll find that as you diligently practice Ho’oponopono and clear the “space” in your head, you’ll also clear the way for presence and joy in relationships.


SoulTranSync’s unique union of Ho’oponopono and brain wave technology speeds up your brain and lets you process and let go of old patterns. As the saying goes, what we once were, we’re not anymore – and why believe that we’re stuck, when we can believe in a fresh new way of living and loving?

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