Uncovering & Embracing Soul Power

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In Uncovering & Embracing Soul Power, Edward Miller shares his journey of awakening love within himself and the insights he gained to eliminate suffering using a simple, transformative practice.


Through his own personal stories, Miller shows us that all suffering is the resistance or non-acceptance of life as it is. And it is how we relate to life that determines the quality of our experiences. Once our tender hearts are wounded through trauma or difficulties, only self-love and acceptance can heal us.


Uncovering & Embracing Soul Power guides readers on their own journey towards self-discovery, and ultimately, their own self-love.

“I realize now that I was still evolving in my own spiritual awareness and uncovering new layers of unconscious resistance to the truth of my wholeness at the time. This spiritual crisis later became my motivation to awaken from the illusion of the old mindsets I held about my inadequacy. I felt compelled to dispel the illusion of deficiency in order to write this book.”


~ from Uncovering & Embracing Soul Power