Breaking Romantic Patterns With Ho’oponopono

Romantic patterns – we see them everywhere from Hollywood’s latest blockbuster to your own romantic choices. Whether it’s the ever-popular Going For An Unavailable Partner Yet Again pattern to the Getting Too Serious Too Fast pattern, romance can be filled with choices that repeat…and repeat…and repeat. And for Valentine’s Day, how great would it be to start fresh with your love life and never find yourself in the middle of another weird romantic situation ever again?


Most of us have gone for someone who’s just really not present at least once. You talk to them and they look away. But hey there’s the high sense of drama, the heart-pounding meetings, the thrill of the chase! Fantastic, right? Maybe not. It all adds up to one thing – a big, fat waste of your valuable time. Is this your pattern?


Or are you the unavailable one? Do you get involved with someone all hot and heavy only to run two months later? Do you say you’ll call and not follow through? Are you a serial monogamist? Being unavailable is all about getting very close and running away.


Otherwise known as the warp speed relationship, this pattern might lead to you loading your stuff in the car and moving your entire life into the house of your new romantic partner? It might lead to committing way too fast before you’ve gotten a chance to know each other. It might lead to emotional storms and before you know it, you’ve promised the rest of your life away? Does this sound familiar?


With the unique services offered by SoulTranSync, you’ll be able to get out of your past patterns and ditch them forever. Through our Ho’oponopono meditation, you’ll transform your romantic life by first changing yourself and your thought process, learning how to do away with the thoughts that lead you to these unhealthy and unhappy romantic patterns. Through the brain wave meditation, you’ll be able to be fully present to life and love.

Photo by * Cati Kaoe *

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