Breaking Through Resistance

A good friend of mine is contemplating a big life change – whether or not to move from the state in which she was born. I identify with her. Haven’t we all felt afraid of change? And sometimes getting what you want is also scary. Sometimes the more we create what we want, the more it scares us. Worries seem to bubble up out of nowhere. What if I can’t do it? What if I don’t do it? What if I stay where I am and never change and live under a bridge?

It’s true. Change can feel like jumping off a cliff. BUT the odds are that if you do nothing, and make no changes to how you think about your situation, you’ll stay exactly where you are. That’s a guarantee. How can we hear the whispering of the divine? And how can we handle resistance?


Are you resistant to positive changes in your life? Or are you secretly dragging your feet, your ego whispering fearful thoughts into your mind and heart? Do you truly believe that you deserve goodness, be it a new job, new relationship, or a new sense of inner peace? A lot of us think we believe that we deserve all that’s good in the world. However, hidden belief systems can sabotage our sense of self and our belief in creative, intentional living. Maybe we didn’t grow up with parents who affirmed our goodness or maybe, like most people, we don’t even realize that we may have been trained to look for negative evidence or thoughts in our day-to-day existence.


Practice makes perfect. Affirm to yourself each day that you’re worthy of inner peace. You’re worthy of being true to yourself. If you don’t truly believe these things, act as if you are. Focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of your world and hold a picture of what you want that world to look like. Focus on the end result.


Ho’oponopono, the ancient technique used by SoulTranSync which utilizes both brain waves and meditation, literally translates to “to set things right.” In the video on STS’s website featuring Dr. Hew Len, one of the most powerful Ho’ponopono practitioners, he explains to us that everything is a process. Through this technique, data that we use to replay harsh memories are erased. In essence, this form of mediation causes us to be a sort of tabula rasa, through which we can experience clarity. “Ho’oponopono releases the dying and the dead,” he says, referring to old patterns that may keep us stuck.


As you meditate, know that you’re uncovering and becoming yourself. Many different kinds of feelings may arise. Practice sitting with these feelings and making space for them.

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  • Harriet Mathis
    Posted at 19:05h, 25 June

    Thank you, Edward, for introducing me to Ho’oponopono. It is my go to tool for release at the deepest level . It is my connection to my soul.
    H. Mathis

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