Conscious Mind vs Unconscious Mind


Your Conscious Mind is that part of you that commands and/or controls your response and reactions to external events.  This is the part of you that often wants to be “Right.”  We often call it the Ego. Suppose, for example, that you ask someone for help with a project you are working on.  You have an amiable discussion and trade ideas and suggestions and arrive at an agreed upon outcome.  When you are done, you feel whole and complete and in charge, in control.

Now, let’s change that scenario a bit and you are having the same discussion, however, the other person suggests ideas that you do not agree with. They simply refuse to see things the way you see them and you cannot come to an amiable agreement.  You start to have feelings of frustration and maybe even anger starts to arise.  You find yourself getting “worked up.”  You are not as calm as when you the conversation began. The rational thoughts you would normally have under the previous circumstances are now disrupted by conflicting feelings and even ideas of revenge – you start to take this other person’s remarks personally, start to raise your voice and perhaps even throw up your arms in defeat – simply because the other person did not agree with you and what you wanted to do.


What happened?  Where did these feelings come from?  They come from the Unconscious Mind.  Once these feelings start to occur, your Conscious Mind starts sending thoughts like “Be cool,” “don’t get upset;” and “maintain your calm.”  Your Conscious Mind may also be telling you that rather than risk damage to the friendship, you need to be mature about it and simply keep your cool.

Your actual response to the situation will be dependent upon your level of training and practice of control your Conscious Mind has over your Unconscious Mind, in other words how well you can control your emotions.  This can be very difficult sometimes due to the Unconscious Mind’s release of adrenaline and the “fight or flight” response.

What is the end result of the above scenario?  In the best of circumstances your Conscious Mind will realize what is happening and you will not react to the negative feelings brought up by your Unconscious Mind; however, more often than not, the opposite will occur.  You will more than likely express your dissatisfaction with the situation or person helping you, only to later regret having had a negative reaction to the incident.  Often times, after the incident when you have “cooled down”, you ask yourself, “What happened; why did I get so upset?  I wish I had not reacted in such a negative way.”


We are aware of our Conscious Mind, and under certain circumstances we can perceive the presence of our Unconscious Mind.  We know the Conscious Mind gives us our inductive reasoning powers, our gift of speech and will power. The mission of our Conscious Mind is to take care of the body, to earn a living, to make decisions and choices in life, and most importantly, to guide and counsel the Unconscious Mind in its path of evolution.

However, the Conscious Mind has very little memory; it can barely remember what you had for breakfast this morning, and must rely upon the Unconscious Mind for remembering.  The Unconscious Mind, on the other hand, remembers everything, it is similar to a disk drive on your computer in that it stores every piece of information given to it and has the ability to recall any memory at any time.  The Unconscious Mind is, however, the lesser evolved of the three minds; it has excellent memory abilities, is the seat of all emotions, but cannot reason.  For this, the Unconscious Mind must rely upon the Conscious Mind.


It is important to understand that the Unconscious Mind also is very impressionable and highly susceptible to suggestion.  This is why the “Power of Suggestion” should not be taken lightly.  Interestingly enough, this mind is also the source of our psychic abilities and where our ability to project, or to astral travel comes from. Overall, the Unconscious Mind is the origin of our intuition.

Now then, that said, the following is the key component of the Unconscious Mind. It has the ability to manufacture Mana energy, Chi, or Prana, also known as  Ho’oponopono energy. This energy comes from our environment; the food we eat, the vitamins we take, and the air we breathe.  This energy is not only necessary for the vital functions of the body it is also necessary for the Conscious Mind to exercise its will and to perform reasoning and thinking.

The Unconscious Mind is where our Aka cords originate.  These cords of energy are projected as thin threads of the psychic, invisible body and attach to other people, animals, or things.  These threads carry the Mana, the energy, used by the Unconscious Mind to send information to, or collect it from the external world.  This information is then offered to the Conscious Mind in the form of feelings or intuitive ‘hunches.’ The Unconscious Mind is also the source of our healing powers.  We all have the ability to heal through the help from Unconscious Mine; however, but only a few understand and utilize that ability.

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