Creating Life Miracles With Ho’oponopono

Spring is known as the season of miracles. With Passover on Monday of this week and Easter this upcoming Sunday, I think of it as a solid week of miracles. How can we create new beginnings? By stepping away from the old and walking bravely into the future. All too often, however, we let fears stop us from carving out a new path and making small miracles in our own lives.


In my life before meditation, I remember feeling crowded, as if there weren’t enough room in my body and mind for all my thoughts and feelings. It took some time but learning how to slow myself down and listen to my body was an integral part of my own healing process. In San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, the general public is allowed to walk the sandstone labyrinth in the courtyard – the idea is that movement creates gentle meditation and encourages us to stop thinking for the moment. It also showed me how, once a space is cleared, new thoughts can arise which in turn create new actions. We can build on that and find the miraculous in the everyday.


Ho’oponopono is not only a meditation but also a way of clearing space in our lives for forgiveness and love. When we love and forgive ourselves, it becomes easier to cherish the quirks and flaws of the people we love as well. It may take time, but the more we practice this meditation, the more we’re able to create space for true healing and forgiveness in all kinds of relationships. From the place that Joe Vitale calls “zero limits” is the place from which forgiveness comes – and from where Ho’oponopono takes its true power. Once we’re able to harness the creative honesty and power that comes from Ho’oponopono, the easier it becomes to create miracles because we’re no longer held back by grudges and anger that no longer serve us. Whether we’re mad or upset at ourselves or someone else, once we return to the true state of love and forgiveness, true change can become possible. Through STS’s meditations, we become able to let go of the past in order to create future miracles.

Photo By: Kevin Dooley

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