Creating Your Own Luck With Ho’oponopono And Binaural Beats

Saint Patrick’s Day is Monday, March 17. Under the green shamrocks and pictures of little leprechauns, there’s a simple truth: we create our own luck every day. But how easy it is to get disconnected from that thought. And how can Ho’oponopono and binaural beats help you create luck?


Our thoughts truly do create our own beliefs. Do we believe that the universe is basically a happy place? Or a place where our worst nightmares are only a minute away from happening? Our subconscious thoughts are the building blocks upon which we build our world. Have you ever gone out to meet a challenge and simple known in your heart that you were doing your best and then – surprise! – every thing went well! You got the promotion, the relationship went your way, and the challenge was seamlessly met and conquered. You learned, you grew, and you enjoyed yourself. But, by the same token, we’ve all fallen off the luck wagon – we’ve been off our game when working on a project, the relationship just didn’t come together, and the challenge flopped. And we know what that feels like, right? You know the difference – when you’re moving with a challenge or an experience and all systems are on or when you’re just not quite getting your luck game together, no matter how hard you try.


Your thoughts can change that. Movies and books like The Secret have brought manifestation – the art of creating your life through your thoughts and focus – into pop culture. But what if things aren’t changing at the speed you’d like?

Through the combination of Ho’oponopono and binaural beats, you can leave yourself gloriously open to the wonder of new creation in our lives. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique through which we forgive others and ourselves. Binaural beats work in sync with brain waves to change and enhance your natural thought patterns. Through the combo of Ho’oponopono and binaural beats, the universe will give you a gentle push, like a loving mom guiding her child on a bike for the first time, and you may begin to notice true change and relaxation enter your life.

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