Discovering Your Divine Self

Spiritual seekers for millennia have asked the question “Who am I?” To discover the answer for yourself, the first step you have to take is a leap of faith. Faithfulness requires the believing in things that are unseen and only felt through the heart.


You have to take a journey to the deepest dimension of your own divine self, a journey that will lead you all the way back to before the beginning—before anything ever happened, before the universe was born. Before the beginning, there was no time, no form, and no space—only absolute emptiness. Before the beginning, there was nothing . . . but you were there.


To go back to before the beginning of your own experience, you have to put your attention on the deepest sense of what it feels like to be you right now, while simultaneously letting everything else go. Letting go means falling so deeply into yourself that you lose awareness of your physical body, until all that is left is empty space.

In that empty space, your mind is completely still. There is no time, no memory, and not even a trace of personal history. The deeper you fall into that space, the more everything will continue to fall away, until finally all that will be left is you.

When you let absolutely everything go—body, mind, memory, and time—you will find, miraculously, that you still exist. In fact, in the end, you discover that all that exists is you!

You discover your Divine Self.

Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian meditation, uses a simple mantra to cleanse and clear your consciousness. Find a quiet place and for a few minutes allow yourself to let go and relax into space. Breathe in slowly reciting to yourself: Thank You, I Love You. Pause. Then slowly breathe out reciting to yourself: I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me. Repeat a few times. Allow yourself to feel peace and relaxation.

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