Do Binaural Beats Work?

The answer to this question will depend on whom you ask. I can tell you that from my own experiences, binaural beats do work for me. I can also tell you that binaural beats are scientifically proven to work.

However there is still a lot of controversy over whether or not binaural beats are effective, and although there are thousands of people who love them, some people will still claim that they are useless.

Below we will examine why there is such a varying degree of opinion as far as binaural beats are concerned.


There are literally thousands of people from all over the world who use or have used binaural beats on a regular basis and found them to make huge improvements to their life.

The most popular users of Audiowave entrainment products are individuals like you and I, who desire to experience relaxation, deeper meditation, a sharper mind, and an inner awareness that altered mind states are able to deliver.

However, people in major corporations, top athletes and people who seem to be completely on top of their game have also been very widely known users. These people choose to use the audiowave entrainment products because they are known to produce very beneficial results in a short period of time.

Business and top athletes know that focus, concentration and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations is of the utmost importance in winning not only their game but also in other aspects of their lives.

As more and more studies show that binaural beats work in a safe and simple way, major players in the game of life have jumped on board to use them.

But now this practice is no longer a secret self-development tool used only by “influential businesses and people.” These products are used by individuals from almost every country in the world who want to experience the same beneficial results that major corporations and top athletes have known about and had access to for a long time.


Some of the biggest supporters of binaural beats are everyday people who use them for a little extra help in order to relax, focus, improve their minds and to experience altered states of consciousness quickly and effortlessly.

These people have made a commitment to their health and well-being and consequently make it a priority to use their binaural beats whenever necessary. They put in the time and dedication necessary to achieve awesome results that make their lives far more balanced, happy and rewarding.


As with any “self-development” product there will always be those who do not believe that it works. This is especially common with a product that is a little bit different from the norm and a little bit difficult to understand.

Binaural beats have often been misunderstood, and as they have a relatively new popularity, it will take a while before they enter the mainstream.

It is quite possible that they simply do not work for some people. It is very possible that some people are not open to allowing them to work or perhaps do not put in the time necessary to allow them to work.


  • when you have the time to sit quietly by yourself.
  • when you are allowed to relax and drift into the binaural audio recording that you are listening to.

If they are used while the conscious mind is very active on another activity it is quite possible that the effects will not be felt.


If you spend a little bit of time doing some research on binaural beats, you will find countless studies and research papers, often from universities, that support the benefits of using binaural beats.

They have been proven to work over and over again and the research explains scientifically exactly how they work and why.

I know for myself that once I understood why binaural beats work, as well as how they work, it then made sense to me that they could be of huge benefit to my personal well being.

The results that I was getting from binaural meditations inspired me to create the SoulTranSync series of meditations. Embedding the power of the Ho’oponopono into binaural meditation was a perfect marriage of technology and spirituality.

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