Erasing Anxiety Through Ho’oponopono And Brainwave Technology

According to the National Institute of Health, anxiety affects over 40 million Americans. There are many different types of anxiety. Some anxiety strikes while you’re in a social setting, some anxiety happens as a result of being alone, and some anxiety develops into full-blown phobias.  Those who have anxiety report that it feels like being on a swirling merry-go-round where one just can’t catch his or her breath. Others say it feels like the world around them becomes almost devoid of energy and color. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from stress and anxiety, Ho’oponopono and brain entrainment may be able to bring you some relief.


Several things can help deal with anxiety. Methods of coping can range from meditation to medication: with meditation, people with anxiety may find it helpful to practice focusing on their breath either in preparation for coming into a stressful situation or to constructively deal with the aftermath of a difficult episode. But how can Ho’oponopono and brain entrainment help soften the often jarring effects of anxiety?


As Ho’oponopono means to correct things or to set things right, this may be the perfect avenue to take the edge off of social anxiety. At the heart of Ho’oponopono is a simple meditation, which can begin to remove the daily stresses that may help contribute to anxiety. With Ho’oponopono, you’re encouraged to start by taking total responsibility for what you’re feeling, including what is making you anxious. The four concepts of Ho’oponopono are: I love you, I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You. All of these help to bring more self-love and self-forgiveness to your life, when combined with our unique audiowave technology.


Audiowave technology can help tone down the thoughts behind chronic anxiety and return you to a state of relaxation where only you control the outcomes that you want. By gaining a deeper awareness of your feelings and from where they may be stemming, you will be able to direct the flow of your thoughts – and eventually, your life – in a way that feels more self-nurturing and loving. Audiowave technology can help with stress relief and even disordered sleep patterns that may be contributing to anxiety.

Photo By: Porsche Brosseau

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