Erasing the Past With Self-Forgiveness

According to ancient Ho’oponopono teachings, relationships and one’s own soul could be set right through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness. However, according to modern Ho’oponopono teachings, the main point of the practice is about shedding all your old stories and getting to a state of zero. Zen Buddhism calls this state nothingness – through which the sacred can be born. Ho’oponopono’s teachings are similar.


One of the core teachings of Ho’oponopono – at least the modern version taught by Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitalie – is that we must reach a place where there are no limits. Simply put, we have to get up out of ourselves. I listened to a speech given by Dr. Len – and he had me in stitches with his down to earth and no-nonsense style. It’s all nonsense, seemed to be his attitude. Everything that plagues you, everything that holds you back. It’s all nonsense. So what do you do with nonsense? You throw it away like the trash it is. But how?


One of the pillars of meditation in Ho’oponopono is the phrase Please Forgive Me. If you can – assuming you’re reading this at home – I want you to step away from the computer. Find a comfortable place on the floor or on the couch. Close your eyes. Now say to yourself Please Forgive Me. Notice how your body feels when you ask yourself for forgiveness or when you feel you are worthy of forgiveness. Forgiveness about what? Forgiveness about everything. For being hard on yourself, for obsessive thoughts, for not taking care of yourself. Ask yourself for forgiveness. Do this daily and notice how you feel.

 Clearing Your Consciousness

Ho’oponopono, it is believed, helps to clear your consciousness, so that all the negative thoughts –and all the belief systems that exist as a result of those negative thoughts – can become erased. In other words, the more we extend this self forgiveness and self love to ourselves, the more we can move ahead with our lives and be healed. The more we heal our lives, the more our perceptions are healed, and the more the world heals around us.

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