Falling In Love With Self-Love

One of the books associated with the Ho’oponopono movement is Zero Limits by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. These two men are considered to be the world’s most popular teachers and thinkers on this topic. Perhaps one of the most important conclusions they came to in their joint work is the importance of self-love.

 What is Self-Love?

Obviously, it’s the love we have for ourselves, but on a deeper level, loving ourselves gives us the self-trust and comfort needed to move through limits. Can you imagine a world where you skinned your knee as a kid and your mom or dad gave you no sympathy? No loving hugs or clean band-aids? I think about what that might feel like and I shiver inside: I can’t imagine feeling vulnerable and scared or angry, and receiving no warmth back. Self-love is the internal love and acceptance that can feed warmth to ourselves. That warmth and acceptance goes far beyond parental acceptance and childish band-aids. Self-love can direct your life.

 I Love You

One of the key phrases we speak to ourselves in Ho’oponopono is I Love You. We’re part of a verbal contract with ourselves, turning the love inward. Internal love and acceptance must truly come from within, but how often do we externalize it? Think about it. How often do you, in your daily life, externalize feelings of self worth? I remember worrying about if a co-worker liked me when he snapped at me one day and before I knew it, I had him carrying the whole responsibility for my own self worth. Perhaps he was just having a bad day. Perhaps this had nothing to do with me. And as it turned out, he told me later that he wasn’t feeling well and was a little snappish. But I learned that day to put my responsibility of self-love only on myself. It wasn’t his responsibility. It was mine.

 Self-Love Tips

In Ho’oponopono meditation, speaking the words I Love You (along with the other three sayings: Please Forgive Me, I’m Sorry, and Thank You) kicks up our vibrational reality. Once we apply these words to our unique self, the world can change…if we let it. What would life look like if we had more self-love?  How would we feel?

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