Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono And Brainwave Entrainment

No one is perfect, my grandmother used to say to me. We all make mistakes – we’ve all heard that one. To err is human but to forgive is divine (or if you’re of a more sarcastic frame of mind, you may complete that thought with “to forgive is not my problem”). But is forgiveness really important to a life lived without regrets? And how can forgiveness help you lead a more transformative life?


Our culture doesn’t often embrace anger or sadness. We hear a lot about turning the other cheek and being the bigger person, or about just moving on with our day. While those two things can work, it might be harder to get to the next step of turning the other cheek if you’re still utterly, utterly furious or sobbing into your pillow every night. Is anger bad? Are sadness and grief? Do these emotions have any place in healing? Anger can be enormously productive. When we feel anger, we also feel passion and life force. Sorrow can also help us process what has really happened in our lives. Anger may prompt us to get moving and get going. But to where does it get us moving? The first step in forgiveness is to feel the real feelings, so if you’re feeling angry or sad, allow yourself to feel those feelings without any judgment. Let them work their way through you. Perhaps use exercise or meditation to help facilitate the process.


Once you’ve done all of this, how does life look the morning after you’ve started this process? Are you full of hope for the future? Or are you still feeling the lower energy of sadness and fear? Chances are, you’re feeling a little bit of both. In time, you’ll be able to start to let go of those feelings in exchange for something even larger: hope. The promise of a new place in life is powerful, especially a place where you’re not as intensely bogged down in hurt and grief, and instead, filled with feelings of inspiration or joy. It takes time. Grief and anger serve a purpose, and can point us in the direction of the bigger lesson – forgiveness. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. Also, carrying around unresolved fear and grief for too long can make you feel drained, tired, and even sick. Without forgiveness, no one wins.


Can you use binaural beats to achieve forgiveness? You can use them to improve your relationship with yourself. The true power of binaural beats, when combined with the ancient healing technique of Ho’oponopono, cannot only raise your energy levels, but it can help you to give love and forgiveness to yourself before giving it to others.  Naturally holding on to extra and old emotions will feel unnecessary. Old grudges or sadness will slowly start to lift away from your soul.

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