Gratitude, Momentum, and Ho’oponopono

I heard recently that gratitude is the key to unlock the door of abundance. Ho’oponopono and audiowave entrainment can help quiet our conscious minds and all the voices inside our heads that seem to slow us down.


It’s not just about the voices that throw out warnings; it’s about the inner, long-held subconscious beliefs that block us from living the kind of life that we truly want. For example, a good friend of mine was in a hard, unhappy job for years. He stayed because, as he put it, he needed the money, but really I think he knew deep down that he was there because he was afraid to try to move on, like so many of us. He was afraid that the earth would never rise up to greet him if he walked away from the job that he had been at for almost a decade. Then, the unthinkable happened. He got laid off and seemed to retreat into himself, until a miracle happened. He became excited. He actually became excited about what was next. He had been set free. Not long after, he was offered a job by an old friend who heard that he was out of work – and the new job was in his dream field. Instead, it was what he had longed for.


To me the situation he was in was like watching a parachute jumper getting frustrated that his parachute wouldn’t open while he is still on the ground. Of course the parachute won’t open if there’s not enough momentum and gas behind it. You have to leap in order to get your chute to work properly. It’s the same thing with air bags. In order to get them to deploy, you have to hit something at a great force. If you’re just driving around at 40 miles an hour, being safe and not hitting anything or anyone, they don’t deploy. Speed means that action will happen. Taking action also means that we can change our lives, and Ho’oponopono and audiowave entrainment can help us to do that.

By taking action, even if as in the case of my friend, the universe creates a painful yet perfect situation, we’re able to appreciate the many ways that the universe works – and creates abundance for you.

Photo By: aussiegall

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