Ho’oponopono Practice Equals Transformation

I have been impressed to discover that so many people have readily tried Ho’oponopono practice in their daily lives. They’ve practiced loving everything and everyone as much as possible, without reserving a special time for the practice. They learned to fill the dead zones of everyday life, such as waiting for the bus, driving a car, standing in line, and so on, with thoughts of love, respect, and appreciation.


Often people are experiencing a general sense of well being after only a few days of practice. They report that over time their lives have become richer, more colorful, and more rewarding. Many feel liberated from the guilt, fear, and self-condemnation that caused their emotional and physical dis-ease. Furthermore, they found that all of a sudden – as if by chance – their lives felt smoother.

Whereas they usually encounter resistance and inconvenience when finding interruptions or dead time in their daily routine of “doing” and “accomplishing” a task, by using that time to appreciate and love the moment they’re in instead, they experience many of the beneficial coincidences or synchronicities Carl Jung spoke of.

The simple repetition of I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, and I love you seems so natural; it’s as though a truth that’s always been within us has been rediscovered.


An essential element of the shamanistic approach (whether feeling love for everything, acknowledging that everything is consciousness, experiencing respect, gratitude, and forgiveness as often as possible) is the principle that by practicing it, we put some of the most fundamental energetic, cosmic, and spiritual principles into action. Millions of people are aware of these principles but never get around to practicing them! What is the value in reading a hundred books about love without ever experiencing the feeling?


I believe the true problem is not a lack of knowledge or even willingness but the ego’s influence and a cultural zeitgeist that favors skepticism over the risk of our looking or feeling silly. And yet even this rebellious ego is not an enemy but a signpost. Wherever it’s pointing, we just need to choose the opposite direction. I believe that a return to the practice of ancient rituals and shamanic wisdom using this simple Ho’oponopono Practice can transform the lives of modern people.

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