Ho’oponopono: The True Love of Self

Like most people I had many beliefs that kept me in a continuous state of resistance. I believed that I was not enough. This malignant belief influenced many of my life choices, and kept me locked in a cycle of doubt, shame and guilt.


I believed that I was unworthy of being truly happy. I lived in fear of being found out—that I was ill-equipped to manage my own problems and make positive changes in my life. I was stuck in patterns of thinking that left me insecure about my family, personal health and business success. No matter how many achievements or accomplishments I experienced, none of them were enough to make me feel whole and complete.  I suffered all the time. I was convinced that something was wrong with me, that I was incapable of happiness and self-acceptance.


I found distraction in habitual stories that shielded me from feeling the pain and hurt of my inadequacy.  These stories assured me that I just needed more or something else to comfort me in my pain and general dis-ease. I was convinced that something outside of me needed to be fixed. Fixing me always included some form of self-improvement that inevitably wouldn’t work–leaving me even more convinced of my inadequacy.


Only with the practice of Ho’oponopono was I able to see and accept my vulnerabilities, to bring awareness and self-healing. Love and forgiveness of myself transmuted my beliefs of inadequacy to wholeness and self-compassion. The true love of self is the only way back to the awareness of our divine nature. Remembering this truth is now my passion.

I encourage everyone to learn about the power of transmuting their beliefs and taking responsibility for their own healing. I believe that only through self-awareness and forgiveness are we able to open our hearts and minds to greater love and compassion, and in turn, to take us out of our suffering.


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