How Ho’oponopono Can Help With Your Health

Approximately 36% of adults in America are overweight. What contributes to that? Working too hard, for one thing. For another, many of us let family responsibilities eat away at our time. For most of us with an internet connection, the lure of Facebook or Netflix can eat away at our free time. How many times have you promised yourself to take a jog on the beach or a yoga class only to find yourself two-hours deep into the latest season of The Walking Dead? Zombie plagues aside, there is so much that can keep us from being healthy.


It’s easy to make excuses. Something else always comes up, or you’ve just been meaning to hit the gym, or worse, you have a membership but you never go. Well, working out can stop improve long term health issues, such as heart problems Research states that as little as walking three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes can help erase the pounds and tighten your waistline. Surely you’re worth at least a half hour of your own time to reap the considerable health benefits. Stress, one of the top causes of obesity, and other health issues such as insomnia, can be made manageable or completely erased through working out.


While STS’s unique brand of Ho’oponopono can’t actually make you go to the gym and get on the treadmill, it may be able to unleash hidden motivation to inspire a whole new you. Often weight gain can be the result of years of accumulated anger and grudges. A lack of self forgiveness may be literally packing on the pounds. By combining Ho’oponopono with a regular workout plan, you can reap the benefits of overall health. Much like a child riding a bike on training wheels, your mind can be trained to ride a new and productive kind of thought pattern – one full of the forgiveness and self love that will help you attain a strong level of fitness and health.

Photo By: Nina Hale

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