How to Rewire Your Brain With Ho’oponopono Technique

The practice of Ho’oponopono teaches that when you discover a negative thought or belief, it is important to accept it as yours. Don’t try to push it away or ignore it. That creates internal resistance and depletes huge amounts of our energy and personal power.


Be thankful you have discovered the thought (after all, if you hadn’t become aware, you would never have been able to neutralize the power it has over you). Write it down in your journal or notebook. When we expose our negatives to the light and record them, they immediately begin to lose power over us.


With your hand push your “Cancel Button” and visualize the signal being sent through your wiring to the brain to cancel out the negative thought. Then breathe deeply and relax. Close your eyes and visualize a memory that elicits loving warmth or joy or excitement. It could be the memory of your beloved smiling back at you, or a warm hug from a child.  You only need to do this for a minute or two.

Enlist the help of all your senses and really get into the “feelings” associated with this memory. The more senses you can use (taste, touch, smell, sight and sound), plus your stronger positive emotions, the more profoundly you influence the subconscious.


The language of the subconscious works through pictures, symbols and images. When you practice visualization with all five senses, you will become extremely proficient at communicating your desires to the subconscious; that is, imprinting it with indelible, positive impressions.  The subconscious will then begin working 24/7 to create situations which reproduce similar feelings as your “feel good” memory.


Here’s Why This Technique Is Effective:  Imagine a jungle full of lush vegetation. Now imagine a clean, well-travelled path cut through the jungle.

Compare this to your current negative subconscious thoughts, which easily travel down neural pathways, which up until now your subconscious has been using non- stop on automatic.

Now, as you catch a negative thought, accept it as yours, record it and then refocus your mind by cleaning with the Ho’oponopono mantra, you are no longer choosing to go down that same jungle path (neural pathway).

If a jungle path ceases to be travelled on, it quickly gets overgrown with vegetation and becomes impassable. This is similar to neural pathways in the brain that will atrophy from lack of use.

Since you are focusing on a good memory, this neural pathway then becomes the one most travelled.

By focusing on your feel good memory and catching a negative each time, you are rewiring your brain by creating these neural pathways, which become dominant in the subconscious. The Ho’oponopono mantra becomes the new gatekeeper for your mind.


Here’s another way to understand why this technique is effective: when we take the time to stop the subconscious immediately after we catch a negative thought or belief, we are very effectively slowing down the “firing’ of that neural pathway.

Then by refocusing on forgiveness, the feel-good memories are shifting our focus from fear-based thoughts from the lower brain to a higher brain function.

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