How Women Can Use Ho’oponopono To Overcome Stress

Friend. Mother. Sister. Lover. On March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. This day highlighted womanhood, including the unique challenges faced by women worldwide. Hillary Clinton called “gender inequality the great unfinished business of the 21st century” and called on all nations to continue the fight for equality.


While gender inequality may be unfinished business for the world, relationship stress may be unfinished business for women. According to research, social stress varies between women and men. While men’s stress may revolve around protecting others or achievement, when women become stressed it is often because they feel overburdened by relationships or because they are doing too much. This may be a reason that stress – in the form of heart disease – is the number one killer of women. Women are also twice as likely to experience depression than men, and extreme stress can often make one feel hopeless, angry, and stuck. Stress can also lead to unhealthy lifestyle changes such as overeating or under eating.


Women are likely to seek refuge from stress through crying or talking or finding other ways to let out their feelings. Meditation and deep breathing are two ways that women can center themselves, along with learning to balance outside expectations with limitations. Saying no to others and turning on the ability to listen to the still, small voice inside is one of the most precious gifts a woman can give to herself when managing stress. By allowing herself to freely say no without guilt, she is able to let go the expectations of others and take good care of herself.


The practice of Ho’oponopono meditation can also be very helpful in women getting rid of stress. By taking total responsibility for ourselves, we can have the freedom to restart and decide to open up new possibilities. Anti-stress, and pro-joy is the way to live and with the practice of Ho’oponopono, women can let go of the do-too-much-blues and make room for new, powerful and inspiring situations. By taking time for yourself and letting the stress leave your body, you will be able to feel new hope and confidence, as you make room for other, more positive situations.

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