Law of Attraction, Ho’oponopono and Letting Go

As the hit song from Frozen says, “Let it go.” One of the most important steps in manifesting and creating the kind of life you want is letting go of control. We can choose what we want to create, but if we try to control every aspect of what we want, the universe has no room to breathe! And the universe is an eternally creative force – allow it to work its creativity in your life.


What? But isn’t that counter productive to what we’re taught? We’re taught to obsess about what we want and to do what is hard no matter what – that’s what a good work ethic means, after all, right? Wrong. With law of attraction, a key aspect of the process is to, in a sense, relax into what we want. Forget about when your thing will come. Law of attraction is about having faith that the universe is working out as it should, that we’re in control of our thoughts, but we’re also communicating to the universe in a dance of belief and faith.


In manifestation, it is helpful to let go and let the universe figure out the how and when of creation. We figure out what we want. The universe will deliver. We can be ready to participate in this communication with the universe by trusting in divine timing. I know that when I seek to control, I want to have a hand in everything: how what I want will show up in my life, how it will look, and even when it will come. As much as we’d love to, we can’t tell the universe “My dream job will come but I will only accept it only if it comes on a Wednesday at 5 pm.” Well, that won’t work! What if the dream job gets stalled for a day? We’re best when we don’t put too many limits on the hows and whens. Let go and let the universe dance with you.


Ho’oponopono is not only a Hawaiian form of meditation and forgiveness; it’s also an important way to clear away spiritual and mental obstacles. Once these blocks are gone, through continued practice and meditation, new ways of life can manifest. In a sense, Ho’oponopono is a way to purifying and clean out old grudges and limiting feelings so true manifestation can take root.  The combination of Ho’oponopono and the law of attraction can be an extraordinarily powerful one.

Photo By: Lauro Roger McAllister

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