Letting Go Of The Past And The Future With Ho’oponopono

Is it really the best thing for us to erase the old and develop the new? That’s what my friend contemplated as she sat at her computer, trying to figure out a way to reset a password, that, if not reset, would erase a website representing three years of work. Should she fight harder to figure out how to reset? Or should she just let go of the entire site and rebuild?


Her story got me to thinking – in spirituality we seem to be on a constant quest to erase and rebuild. But are we letting go of things that we want to keep? And should we come to terms with the past in order or be able to release our grip and let it go?


My friend didn’t seem to have a choice. It seemed like the choice was being made for her in front of her eyes: figure out how to shift a situation – or rebuild from scratch. She couldn’t think about the future. That seemed like an impossible choice; she would have to leap into the unknown. In doing so, she’d have to let go of future expectations and watch a difficult situation unfold. Ho’oponopono and meditation techniques can help us let go and simply observe when things seem out of our control. It’s a valuable tool.


In order to peel back the past, we have to first come to terms with and forgive ourselves for it. We have to realize that where we are is simply where we are. Ho’oponpono can help. Ho’oponopono, as with any kind of meditation, helps to center us. The world can offer a lot of distractions, and sometimes we all need silence; STS offers a unique respite from the casual noise of everyday life. By letting go of the past and going within, we can pave the way for a new start.

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