Manifestation And Brainwave Entrainment

What is manifestation? Some believe that manifestation is a form of positive thinking that allows your life to shift for the better. This act of creating your own life is sometimes referred to as the law of attraction. Simply put, the law of attraction helps you develop your positive thoughts so that you can attract the highest and best of what you want out of life.


We’ve talked a lot about clearing out your mental or physical clutter because of the spiritual rule that nothing new can come to you if it is blocked by what’s old. Manifestation is what comes after the getting rid of the old and clearing out what you no longer want. How can we manifest what we want? Through thoughts and actions, which drive and motivate you.


Can manifestation get you that huge, glamorous house that you’ve always wanted? Perhaps, but metaphysical thought would say that if you’re not in alignment with the big house – if secretly you don’t want it or you want it for the wrong reasons – it may not come at all. The key is to speak what you want but also to let go of attachment to getting it. The key is happiness all along, not just happiness when you get this external thing that you want. But let’s start with something small, like a golden retriever puppy. Let’s say you want to manifest having one of those delightful, happy, larger-than-life dogs. How should you go about it?


The first thing is to make sure that you are happy as you are, without the dog. Sure, you want one, but are you complete without the dog? Will it only add to your happiness? Then, you’re good to go. Start off by asking family and friends if they have any contacts. As the universe is always moving in perfect alignment with you, it makes sense that someone very close to you will know someone who just happens to need a home for their dog. The second thing is to speak your desire with total confidence: I can’t wait to have my own golden retriever puppy. Speak about it in detail: My golden retriever’s name will be Snoopy. Third, believe with all your heart that your little dog is coming to you.


SoulTranSync’s unique combination of Hawaiian forgiveness techniques and audiowave entrainment meditation will open the door to your freedom to create many new possibilities in your life. Think of STS’s services as fertilizer – working with and expanding your mind so that manifestation can happen quickly and with focus.

Photo By: Ariane Hunter

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