Manifestation, Change, and Ho’oponopono

Last week, we talked about ways to work the steps of manifestation to get what you want. But what about when you get what you want? The dream has happened.  You’ve landed a relationship that is both passionate and fun. You’ve worked hard and your job feels rewarding. But can we stay happy while we’re getting what we want? I’ve noticed a trend that once we get what we think we want, we still want more. We want to attain. Does that mean there’s something wrong?


According to some of the world’s most important manifestation coaches, when we want more, it may mean that we’ve expanded and grown. We’ve energetically caught up to our situation.  But, I found myself asking, isn’t that selfish to want more? I’ve told the universe I wanted this thing. Now this thing is here. And I’m very grateful. But I’ve noticed, after a year or two that I want more. Maybe I want a job that fits who I am now, as opposed to who I was. Shouldn’t I be grateful? Shouldn’t I appreciate what I have?

No, it’s not selfish. It’s not selfish to have grown and changed energetically. We’re constantly changing and with each new experience, we learn more. You’re not the same person you were two years ago or even five minutes ago. But what about appreciating what you have? The answer to that is yes, always.


Why should we learn to appreciate what we already have? By allowing ourselves to change, we must also allow ourselves to appreciate. Because the more we appreciate what is in our world and sing its praises, the more our energy becomes a match to, not only positive energy and freedom, but also the type of life we want to have. Ho’oponopono can help you to appreciate what is currently in your life. By forgiving yourself and others, you’re able to drop negative energy. What happens when we drop old energy that doesn’t serve us anymore? We stop banging our head against the wall and we’re filled with new energy and hope.

Photo By: Adam Selwood

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