Manifesting Reality With Ho’oponopono

Let’s get real about something. This business of manifesting what you want? It’s easy.

No, really, it is. We swear.


The problem is, well, us. The belief in the back of the brain that whispers no, you can’t or worse you’re not worth it is all too often part of what keeps us from manifesting our dreams into reality. Or maybe there’s that little bit of fear: maybe, once things change, you might make a mistake. You won’t know how to handle it. The universe feels those things and backs up.

So how do you get around those mental and spiritual blocks?


Visualize yourself having the kind of life you want. Be as specific as you want. If you’re the creative type, write a full story about your ideal life. If you’re the artistic type, cut pictures out of magazines and put them on a posterboard. Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for 1 million dollars and carried it around in his wallet for years –until the day that he made it big and cashed it. Perhaps it’s not money that you want, but a better job or a new relationship. The same rules apply: write about it your dream job or your new relationship. Where do you work? What do you do? Where do you meet your significant other? Do you take trips together? Do you feel comfortable with him or her? Becoming clear on these things can help you start to receive them.


Gratitude is an important part of the manifestation process. By being grateful for what is in our lives now and where we are, we’re more able to tap into the positive and joyous energy that will move us in the right direction, towards fulfillment. Ho’oponopono can also help us to tap into this feeling of gratitude. As we practice Ho’oponopono, we recite the four sayings to bring about personal change and self love: one of these four sayings is Thank You. Whether we are saying it to ourselves or to the universe, we are still putting that energy of gratitude out into the world. Focusing on what we are grateful for can help kickstart manifestations.

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