Misunderstanding Enlightenment

For most of my life, I have been seeking to understand “ Who am I,” but settled for stories of who my mind believed I was. Through my identities I believed I was many things–some good, others bad, not enough or just wrong.  I suffered believing there were ideal ways to look, ways to live, things to have and ways to be that were not me. My mind battled with the beliefs that I was fat, weak, not man enough and sometimes unlovable.  These painful identities had me tied to a problematic mindset, one where I became both my own victim and judge.


As a result of believing these stories about me, I was living a miserable life. I always knew in my heart there had to be more to life than this.  I needed a brand new identity to relate to– one that did not condemn me, one that was not intolerant of me, but was loving, generous and kind. I began to challenge the very question that my mind was most adamant about answering: Who am I really? This was the beginning of my enlightenment.

This quest for truth became the inspiration for the SoulTranSync movement.  I want more people to seek freedom from suffering. For people to challenge and question their programmed beliefs like I have done.  This is the path to enlightenment.


Now, I believe that enlightenment has gotten a bad rap. Enlightenment has been misunderstood. Many seekers are not even sure what enlightenment is, while others see this rare state of being as unachievable or beyond reach. One popular story is that you have to either be willing to suffer a lot, or experience a dramatic life altering experience to even become enlightened. Other seekers stay in pursuit of a dream of enlightenment that may never exist for them. They are searching for a place where all their emotions are happy, peaceful or loving; and all problems suddenly disappear as they live in total bliss.

This story of enlightenment inevitably requires seekers to give up or turn away from all of their attachments and worldly possessions. It leaves many seekers feeling failure, frustration and disappointment.  I believe that all sounds very tragic and unappealing; but I’m here to tell you there is something else.

Becoming free of your suffering minds and living your life in divine flow is available to you NOW.

To access this awareness, you will have to first be willing to challenge your current beliefs of “Who you are.” The word challenge may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. For just a moment relax all judgment about “challenging your beliefs.” Consider that they may not be true, and if they are not true, what it means for you. Allow yourself to pause and ponder this question: Who Am I?

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