Our Super Conscious Mind: the Master Within

The Super Conscious Mind is sometimes referred to as our Guardian Angel, the Higher-consciousness, or the Master within. The Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas called it the aumakua, which means, “the utterly trustworthy parental spirit.”  The Conscious Mind uses reasoning and inductive thinking.  The Unconscious Mind uses emotion, memory, and feeling.  The Super Conscious Mind uses a higher form of thinking that includes reasoning, emotion, and memory; in essence, the Super Conscious Mind is the link between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.  The Super Conscious Mind also has access to the Universal Knowledge, sometimes known as the Akashic Records, the Library of the Universe – the place where all information about everything since the beginning of time is energetically stored.


If and when you have a “Knowing,” it comes from the Super Conscious Mind and reaches us in a way that the reasoning of the Conscious Mind does not comprehend, and the emotion of the Unconscious Mind does not comprehend it either.   When you receive a “Knowing,” you can trust that it is for your own betterment.

All three Minds are available to you at all times; however, you cannot normally ‘hear’ the Super Conscious Mind unless you quiet the Conscious and Unconscious Minds.  Most often, your Super Conscious Mind is accessed when you are sleeping; you can also access it after prayer, if you remain quiet and actually ‘listen’ for it.


Meditation is the most reliable way to access your Super Conscious Mind. This is why it is so important to learn and practice meditation on a regular basis. Most communication from the Super Conscious Mind comes to you in the form of Intuition, or a feeling or ‘hunch’.  It is important to remember that the Super Conscious Mind is that part of you whose mission it is to guide you.  Because of this, it is important to learn to listen to what it is telling you.  It is giving you free advice and will never steer you wrong, if you only learn to listen to it.  Again, I strongly recommend that you learn and practice meditation on a regular basis.


The Super Conscious Mind, with the cooperation of the Unconscious Mind, can grant us anything we desire, material or immaterial, provided the request will harm no one. And meditation with Ho’oponopono accelerates your access to the Super Conscious Mind.

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