Pi Day, Ho’oponopono And Brainwave Technology

March 14 is Pi Day – that would be the mathematical formula 3.14. Before we give everyone flashbacks to 7th grade math, Pi Day makes us think of, not math, but instead the award winning film Life of Pi. Life of Pi is about the mystical journey of young Pi Patel and how his relationship with the natural world deepens after a shipwreck claims the lives of his family. Throughout the movie (and the book), Pi develops a unique friendship with a tiger, which he names Richard Parker. Themes of fantasy and reality entwine in Life of Pi and the film itself won many awards for its storytelling and gorgeous images.


In the film and novel, Life of Pi, the fantastic is given voice. We can’t tell where the miraculous begins and ends; it’s all one. That should be the case in our own lives, but all too often our human potential is relegated to a structured place: the end of the 9-5 work day, perhaps, is considered the place to show our potential. Where is our sense of the miraculous and the joy in our everyday life? How can we get in touch with the wonder of the world around us? Have we forgotten it? How can we create our own focused and wonderful potential? There’s a way, to be sure. Sometimes it comes in carving out space for ourselves after a busy week at work. Sometimes it comes from listening to that still, slow inner voice. Ho’oponopono and audiowave technology can also set the stage for our deepest dreams to be born into the world.


Ho’oponopono and audiowave technology can create space for us to hear our own voices and imaginations. Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck at work or in your life. These unique techniques can release us into creative and joyous freedom. Picture being able to live a life that fits with your inner guidance in a more authentic and creative way. Audiowave technology and Ho’oponopono can give you the inner space and peace to create from a place of fantastic imagination. Happy Pi Day!

Photo By: J.Gabás Esteban

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