Heart-Centered Journey


Opening your heart releases the sacred energy of love and light, and enables you to effortless flow into a peaceful joyous state. The Heart-Centered Journey guided meditation with binaural/ isochronic beats gently takes you into deep meditation with ease. As you radiate loving energy from your heart, you begin to feel blissful and calm. You feel connected to all that exists, and are overcome with feelings of acceptance and general well-being. Begin your heart voyage with this moving Heart-Centered Journey meditation.


Unlike traditional meditation practices focused on the mind and special techniques, the SoulTranSync Heart-Centered Journey focuses on your sacred heart and the love that radiates from within you. This powerful guided mediation with binaural/ isochronic beats and original music moves you into a deep centered heart-felt bliss. In this sacred loving place, you are connected with everything. You begin to feel acceptance, forgiveness, and appreciation. Love flows in and all around you. Experience the love, peace and happiness that flow with ease when you use the SoulTranSync Heart-Centered Journey meditation.


Because it  contains both binaural and isochronic beats, you get the same deep meditation effect whether you listen to this meditation with or without headphones.


Includes: 20-Minute Mp3 Heart Centered Journey with Binaural and Isochronic Beats