Loving Your Inner Child


Inside each of us lies a child that remembers every experience and feeling, and when triggered demonstrates behaviors or emotions more fitting the child than the adult we have become. Inner child healing allows for a transformative experience where you can free yourself from past trauma and unresolved issues.  Loving Your Inner Child Meditation takes you on a powerful exploratory journey where you go back through the timeline of your life remembering and resolving. In doing so, you begin to provide your inner child with the love, forgiveness and joy you deserve.


Loving Your Inner Child incorporates guided meditation and binaural/ isochronic beats to gently take you on a journey of remembering, resolving and nurturing your precious inner child. Allowing you to embrace the good and challenging memories, imagination, and playfulness of your inner child, this powerful meditation helps to free you from shame-based behaviors and opens you to forgiveness, joy and love. As you use this meditation frequently, you develop a relationship with your inner child and begin to feel the safety, love, appreciation and happiness that we all desire.


Because it contains both binaural and isochronic beats, you get the same deep meditation effect whether you listen to this meditation with or without headphones.


Includes: 20-Minute Mp3 Loving Your Inner Child with Binaural and Isochronic Beats