You need to concentrate and solve that bothersome issue right now. But no matter how hard you try, you just can’t focus. Your mind is scattered and stressful thoughts of work, relationships and life keep rushing in. If only you could quiet your mind… SoulTranSync Mindfulness meditation clears, focuses and relaxes you so that you can be open to inspiration and creativity in minutes. Integrating the restorative power of Ho’oponopono meditation, binaural beat technology and soothing original music, the Mindfulness meditation gently guides you into a calm deep meditation state. Your mind quiets. You feel your stress dissolve and a sense of general well-being embraces you.


The SoultranSync Mindfulness meditation proprietary blend of the Ho’oponopono mantra, binaural beat technology, and original music helps calm you, clear your mind and open you to inspiration. You begin to feel better, which is not surprising. Ho’oponopono literally means, “to put in perfect order,” or “to put to rights.” When repeated in the Mindfulness meditation, the Ho’oponopono phrases help to clear and clean away stressful thoughts as you move into deep meditation.  If you are ready to focus, find release from daily suffering and regret, and receive meaningful inspiration, then start you day with SoulTranSync Mindful meditation.


Includes: 30-Minute Mp3 Mindfulness Meditation