Restful Sleep


This effective meditation blends soft Ho’oponopono affirmations, binaural tones, natural sounds and relaxing music to produce a breakthrough approach for enabling your mind and body to fall into a comfortable, easy sleep. Allow yourself to unwind to this soothing hour-long meditation, and be whisked into a natural, peaceful sleep tonight.


SoulTranSync Restful Sleep meditation assists you in relaxing your mind and body to achieve a natural, peaceful state so that you can sleep better.


As you listen to the beautiful original “slack key guitar” music specially selected to enhance your relaxation experience and the underlying Ho’oponopono mantra, you unwind, your thoughts subside and you begin to feel peaceful and calm. The relaxing music eventually gives way to the calming sounds of ocean waves skillfully mixed with binaural brainwave resonant sounds. To achieve the perfect effect, we have used seven layers of ocean waves collected from special locations around the world combined with white and pink noise, dynamic compression and equalization. The brainwaves are woven into this mix to help you gently glide from the more active beta state to the relaxed alpha state and then to the restful delta state. After over an hour, the meditation fades to silence and you drift into a peaceful sleep.


Includes: 1-Hour Mp3 Restful Sleep Meditation