Total Relaxation


How would you like to unwind, to calm your mind and body, and drift into a soothing deep relaxation?

Total Relaxation Meditation helps you to release tension and stress as you embrace a feeling of calm inner peace. Using soothing rhythmic music and natural ocean sounds, this proprietary guided meditation combines soft relaxation instruction with binaural/isochronic beats technology and Ho’oponopono affirmations to shift you into an easy relaxed and aware state.


It’s time that you allowed yourself to gently release from your daily pressures, and feel the peaceful rest that Total Relaxation Meditation provides. This well-crafted guided meditation incorporates relaxation techniques with soothing natural sounds, original music and Ho’oponopono affirmations to gently shift you into a calm peaceful mood. Because it also contains both binaural and isochronic beats, you get the same deep relaxing effect whether you listen to this meditation with or without headphones. As the 30-minute meditation ends, you feel relaxed, focused and ready for whatever comes next.


Includes: 30-Minute Mp3 Total Relaxation Meditation with Binaural and Isochronic Beats