Reawaken Your Creativity With Guided Meditation

All too often, the pursuit of creativity takes a backseat to the more practical, everyday, putting-food-on-the-table concerns of life. But with guided meditation, you can put creativity at the center of your life and learn to live from an abundant source of imagination.


Through SoulTranSync’s varied and inspiring guided meditations that combine Ho’oponopono and audiowave technology, you can shift your life from grey to Technicolor. Whether it’s getting dinner on the table, making ends meet, or working through the daily grind, it can be easy to lose your own voice in the tidal wave of what feels like constant necessity. Is it ever time to take off the mask and be ourselves? Absolutely –and guided meditation techniques such as those offered by SoulTranSync can help you reap many benefits of meditation. For example, those who practice a regular form of meditation are more likely to feel mindful and aware in their everyday life. Awareness is a key component of creativity. Create some space for yourself to relax into the flow of awareness; unlocked creativity will soon follow.


Countless self help and spiritual books have been written on the importance of living a more creative and aware life. Creativity has many benefits: it can remind us that there is wonder and beauty in life, it can keep us living in the present as we carefully watch our landscape for new inspiration for creative projects. People who write or draw or practice another kind of creativity are reported to be more optimistic, more spontaneous, and less susceptible to depression. Messages that we receive from the world are that responsibility is valued over creative expression. But have you ever watched a child draw a picture or play dress up? They are utterly in tune with themselves and their sense of joy and fun! With guided meditation, we too can return to that state of creative spark.

Photo By: paul bica

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