Relating to Your Higher Self

This is the way that you may begin to relate to your higher self, the deepest part of your own existence.

We are all used to being in relationships. Our relationships can sometimes give us feelings of great comfort and clarity of purpose. We are parents, children, citizens of a community, employees of a company, and owners of this or that. Our relationships define our existence in some way.


Now ask yourself the question “What is my relationship to the Ground of All Being, the basis of all that exists?” Beyond time, it is the formless emptiness out of which everything arises. It is what some call eternity consciousness. It is the very same timeless no-place out of which this whole evolving universe burst forth. Many believe this is one definition of God. Already full, already complete, with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no-one to be or become.

That primordial ground is who you always are, no matter how things may appear at any moment in time. It is the very essence of your own self at its most fundamental level. When every attribute that you habitually identify as being you falls away, your Self is there.


Higher Self has no name, no history, no gender, no personal identity. Higher Self exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is you and it is me; it is One without a second, the Higher Self that we all always are. Beyond memory, beyond time, beyond the manifest realm, who you are never changes.

When you awaken in this way, you will find yourself always already resting in the eternal moment before time began. This is the recognition that liberates: Prior to everything, I already am. In the great mystical traditions, it is this profound revelation that catalyzes enlightenment: The SELF is ONE, and before anything ever happened, IT IS. And I AM THAT.


Once you truly know this, it will radically transform your relationship to life. It is indeed a shocking revelation to experience directly that there is a part of your own self–your own consciousness— that was never born and has never entered into the stream of time.

When your locus of identification shifts from the personal sphere to that unborn Self, you stumble upon the unending miracle of a freedom and absolute positivity that is inherent in the nature of being Itself.

Become aware of an identity of yours that elicits pride or feelings of accomplishment. It may be your role as a parent, daughter, worker, or friend. Now become aware of an identity that you are ashamed of, or that causes you suffering. The truth is neither of these identities are who you are. You are perfect, whole and complete regardless of the identity you perceive.

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