Retelling Your Story: A Benefit of Ho’oponopono

We tell our own stories. We learn all of them from our surroundings. Whether we’ve watched Snow White find her prince in the Disney movies of our childhood or identified with the joy or sorrow of the latest blockbuster, stories have a huge impact on our lives. In recent years, best selling books such as The Secret and films like What the Bleep Do We Know? have shown us the eternal and powerful ways in which internalized stories and thoughts can inspire new joy or mire us in self-sabotage.


When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that if I believed in something hard enough, that it would happen. She told me that if I spoke what I wanted and clearly imagined what I wanted, that my reality would change. She didn’t know that she was talking about what some have called creative visualization or manifestation, but in fact, she was.

The stories we tell matter. They shape the world and can create joy and life from dust and pain.


In Ho’oponopono, your previous imprints (or negative stories) are dismantled through a combination of meditation and audiowave technology. By practicing this technique, we can effectively transform ourselves by living our lives according to new stories and fresh beliefs. The old imprints begin to dissolve, in order to make room for a more inspiring, lighter way of being.


There are other ways of creating our own stories. For example, journaling about your experiences can help to put a positive spin on events. Writing is just another way through which we can discover how to take back our power and live our lives to the fullest. Have you ever noticed how we instinctively react to stories we identify with? Writing and meditation are just two ways that can help you transform the core of your belief systems, and ultimately, your life.

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