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Edward Miller is a charismatic visionary who has a long and highly successful career in mentoring, leading and inspiring others to achieve their soul life purpose.


His passion to help people with their transformation is fueled by his altruistic nature and genuine desire to see them achieve happiness within. This love for what he does and belief in the practices he teaches is immediately evident, making him a powerful and effective public speaker.


Whether he’s leading a symposium or delivering a keynote speech to an intimate audience, Edward has a natural talent for creating connection, inspiring others with stories of his own journey to self-awareness and self-love.


Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with Edward for your event.

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Life Coaching


Coming from the heart changes your life. As you become heart-driven and heart-centered, instead of mind-driven and obsessed, the practice reveals your authentic life’s purpose. 


Knowing your life purpose is more than discovering which career to follow or what job to take. ‘Right purpose’, or what can be called ‘authenticity’, engenders right relationships, harmonious surroundings and an inspiring lifestyle. Discovering your authentic self highlights just how important and essential you are to the world. 


The truth is, this world wouldn’t exist without you perceiving it. Your perceptions become the story line for the movie of your life.


Self-empowerment means you can stand in the midst of your own creation and not be victimized by its appearance.


If you are interested in life coaching through SoulTranSync, please contact us.