Spring Into Power: Overcoming Clutter

We’ve written before on the importance of mental spring cleaning. How old beliefs can limit you and hold you down when they don’t need to. Now that spring is officially here, I’ve been noticing the psychological impact that clutter can have. As we all know, clutter can have all kinds of impacts. From attracting dust mites in a crowded living room to preventing you from accomplishing your dreams, clutter of all kinds is a danger zone.


Imagine that a family is getting rid of old books. The family – like many avid readers – collect books. The notion of getting rid of books is scary for them. By the first shelf, maybe family members had decided that this decluttering thing was a racket and they needed to keep everything. But somewhere between the first shelf and the last, what if something shifts? What if they start thinking new thoughts? I haven’t read that in a while. That book reminds me of a bad relationship. I never read that book, but I wanted it so badly when it came out. So, why do they have those things? People get afraid of losing what is familiar, even if those old unread books are keeping them from getting new ones.

In other words, we don’t detach when we should. And what if things could improve, if we let go? What if there could be new beliefs one step beyond the old ones? What if getting rid of old books meant new shelf space for better things? Amazingly and regardless of their fears, the Goodwill box slowly fills up.


Ho’oponopono and audiowave technology can help you both forgive yourself and others, and open your mind to new ways of experiencing the world. Is getting rid of the old for the new something you want to try, but are afraid to go for it? Developing new beliefs can be an adventure, as we train ourselves to work within the untried. Letting go of the past is liberating and invigorating.


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