Spring Renewal With Brainwave Entrainment And Ho’oponopono

Don’t hate us, Snowy States. Here in Florida, we’re all wearing shorts. Some of us are wearing shorts and flip flops. It’s true, we don’t have to wear snow pants. There’s nothing to plow. Walking from the house to the car? A (warm) breeze. And spring is here – or will be soon. When it comes to weather, we may not be able to tell one season from the next, but we also don’t need the snow-to-sun transition to celebrate the renewal that comes with spring. Here’s what to get clear out as you celebrate your own spring renewal.


In one of our other weekly blogs, we talked about the importance of ditching mental clutter once and for all. But what to ditch? How do we know what to let go of? Well, one of the most damaging kinds of mental clutter is an old belief system. This can be a memory from childhood – maybe someone said something negative to you and it stuck – or maybe that one memory created a belief system that just isn’t working anymore. Perhaps your mother called you messy. Maybe it was more than that: maybe she said that you were lazy. And so what happens? You grew up ignoring all the proof that you weren’t messy or lazy, and paying special attention to the times that you fulfilled mom’s vision of you. These are the things to ditch. Here’s another popular limiting thought: I’ll always be poor. That can be common in today’s society, the belief that there’s not enough out there and no matter what you do, your relationship with money will always look like a round of Fight Club with the universe.


Clear out the junk in your energetic spring cleaning. With Ho’oponopono, you can start to take your power back through self-forgiveness. Through the four sayings of self love and forgiveness (I Love You, I Forgive You, I’m Sorry, and Please Forgive Me), you can start to live a more present life. With audiowave entrainment, you can raise your awareness. From that presence, new beliefs about yourself can develop. Instead of believing you are messy, you can believe something else about yourself. Instead of believing that money is limited, you can believe that money is abundant. Celebrate new beliefs this spring.

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