Star Wars And Healing

May the force be with you on May 4th – Star Wars Day! Fans of the classic franchise can find spiritual meaning in George Lucas’s epic tale of good and evil. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the vast effect that Star Wars had, not only on moviegoers but also on our culture. But what do STS’s healing techniques have to do with Star Wars? Plenty.


Much has been written about Star Wars in terms of Luke, the young hero who journeys from his quiet planet to become a hero. In many ways, we’re like that in our own quests for healing. No journey is alike as we venture from the innocence and gentleness of a life that’s become unsatisfying into a world where we experience adventure. When you go on your own journey away from what’s known and familiar, that usually includes walking away from fears and opening yourself up to changes. That in itself can be a very important part of healing. Like Luke, we can have adventure and an impactful, joyful life, but it requires leaving what you know and jumping into the unknown. A friend of mine talked in similar terms when she told me about her life before and after starting a daily meditation practice – she left the safety of her structured world that was no longer working and leapt into the unknown.


SW repeatedly mentions the force. The force is really the perfect power of the universe, a genderless God if you will, or a higher power. As one character says, the force is in us and in everything around us. We can see that in Ho’oponopono practice – as we trust in the universe around us, we slowly change the way we feel about forgiveness. We’re able to trust that the universe is bigger than we are, and that it will rise up to cradle us in its arms when we need help…whether we’re seeking calmness and forgiveness or fighting Darth Vader.

Photo By: Geraint Rowland

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