Taxes, Ho’oponopono and Brainwave Entrainment

Tax Day is April 15, a day more likely to inspire high blood pressure than relaxation. Really, nothing about Tax Day should have anything in common with relaxation techniques –and on first glance, it doesn’t.

As I filed my own taxes the other day and sat surrounded by receipts and a mountain of paper, I found myself thinking of the things that taxes have in common with STS’s relaxation techniques. Yes, really. I feel that taxes are a long term investment in our future and in the future of our country in much the same way that relaxation is an investment in ourselves.


With taxes, we – in a roundabout way – pay for services such as the police force and the fire department. We may pay for the upkeep of pools or parks, again, in a roundabout way. In theory, all politics aside, in order to take part in social security later in life, we have to pay in now. In a way, I thought, aren’t we taking care of ourselves in the future by taking care of ourselves now? Aren’t we providing ourselves with access to natural spaces that can sooth us?


So, when we pay taxes, we’re paying back a share of what we make to the government so that we can take part in these benefits. Similarly, by putting in time for ourselves, such as through Ho’oponopono and audiowave entrainment relaxation techniques, we’re donating our time to ourselves in order to reap the considerable benefits. Taking much needed time to open your heart to relaxation is so very good for your mind, body, and spirit. The sacred prayer of Ho’oponopono can remove blocks. Similarly, SoulTranSync’s audiowave entrainment meditations can unleash hidden creativity and problem solving or help you relax into a new way of life, while at the same time feeling calmer and more in charge of your day to day existence. By making the time to invest in meditation and relaxation, we are investing in our long-term health goals.

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