The Benefits of Meditation

When we meditate, we train our mind to reach a state of concentration and relaxation. To use meditation it takes patience and practice. Meditation has been used around the world for thousands of years because of the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits it brings. Through regular practice, I’ve personally experienced multiple benefits from meditation mentally, physically and emotionally.


I have found that meditation can dispose of the stress-created toxins in our bodies. Through meditation, the body can lower the amounts of harmful cholesterol. While meditating, our muscles release tension which gives us greater freedom of movement. I have found meditation to aid in creating stronger connections between the brain and body as well. This can help to increase immune function. The strengthened connections we create through meditation will also allow our body and conscious mind to relax and sleep. Meditation can help improve circulation and give us more energy.


Dr. Hew Len also proved that meditation, along with the practices of Ho’oponopono, can in fact cure criminally insane patients. Through his work at the Hawaii State Hospital, he helped these patients to relax, forgive, and find peace that changed their environment and overcome their mental illnesses.

Meditation also improves awareness and memory. As our brain activity increases, our creativity is expanded and our overall mental wellness can be improved.


Meditation is a tool that can change our emotional wellbeing for the better. Increased happiness and a greater ability to cope with stress are things we can all accomplish with meditation. I know that daily practice of mediation with the right tools, methods, and environment can bring us peace and many benefits to each new day. But don’t just take my word for it—join the STS movement and find out how it can start improving your life today.

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