The Four Principles of SoulTranSync

SoulTranSync is a system of meditation aimed at changing the way you look at life. The practice of daily meditation can open your mind and alter your life for the better. So what then does SoulTranSync entail? There are four main principles incorporated into a SoulTranSync meditation practice. First is awareness, followed by forgiveness, acceptance, and flow. These four principles, when practiced correctly, will improve your meditation and allow you find more confidence in yourself—confidence that will lead to a better, more focused life. I’ve seen this change in my life, and I know you can, too.


Our first principle is awareness. Essentially, awareness is knowing that you’re consciously awake and in tune with what is happening in your life at the moment. While meditating, focusing in on this awareness lets you clear your mind and focus on your senses. But to achieve awareness, you need to go beyond just sensory realization and tap into the consciousness of your inner-self.

Next is forgiveness. The ancient practice of Ho‘oponopono is one of the focal points of SoulTranSync meditation.  Ho‘oponopono is a Hawaiian cleansing ritual of forgiveness and acceptance, the third principle of STS. Acceptance means facing up to the reality of your life, getting over the negative, and embracing the positive.


Last but not least, the final principle of STS is flow. Flow is the divine purpose of your life moving throughout your being. It is the ability to focus your thoughts and energy on a single task and do that task to the best of your skills. Many people don’t realize that flow is already in your life – it’s just waiting to be channeled and worked with. To be “in your flow” means that you feel positive emotions and see the good in the world around you, rather than the bad. Using this principle, you truly can have a good day every day,

Thousands of people—including me—have already experienced positive changes in their lives by adopting these four principles. Join the STS movement today to find out how you can do the same.

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