The Link Between Nature And Brainwave Technology

It’s no secret that nature helps your overall health. From the smell of fresh cut grass to the warmth of the sun to the feel of tree bark under your fingers, the outside world is uniquely posed to erase all your troubles. Can the combination of audiowave technology and nature help keep health issues at bay? We think so.


Being out in nature has many benefits. For one thing, going outside in the sun more often can create more vitamin D, which has been scientifically proven to help defeat illnesses from the common cold to more serious issues such as cancer or depression. And speaking of depression or anxiety, have you ever noticed the difference in how you feel before going for a walk outside and after? Your focus changes for the better. Your perspective changes. Your posture may relax. Nature can vastly improve all kinds of issues that negatively affect your health. Research shows that being outside can also improve your general outlook on problematic situations and can help you to find solutions. Also, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggles with ADHD, being surrounded by nature and trees can help decrease several common symptoms. But how can audiowave technology help with nature?


At first glance it might seem that audiowave technology has nothing to do with the positive effects of nature. However, look again. Audiowave technology trains our minds to allow us to have less resistance to life changes. It is also a form of relaxation. Many cds use audiowave technology combined with sounds of the ocean or rainstorms to sync our brains to higher frequencies. Audiowave technology when combined with being outside in nature can also have a positive impact on your mind/body connection. Our audiowaves resonate along with the beats we’re hearing. Minds relax and open. The combination of audiowave technology and the benefits of nature can have a very positive effect on our well-being.

Photo By: Moyan Brenn

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